Traditional Ecosystems
Survival Tanzania (TEST)

Conserving Natural Ecosystems and Improving Lives in Tanzania

Traditional Ecosystems Survival Tanzania (TEST) facilitates effective collaborations to reduce conflict, improve natural resource management, and enhance the sustainable well-being of indigenous peoples and wildlife in the natural ecosystems in Tanzania.


TEST strongly believes in poverty reduction as a solution to addressing conservation challenges.

Maasai prayer rituals for blessing. Photo credit: TEST

Strengthening Community-Led Conservation Efforts


Implementing Sustainable
Livelihood Alternatives


Collaborative Resource

Tanzania’s Landscapes


TEST works to improve Tanzania’s landscapes by collaboratively engaging with all stakeholders to develop locally led solutions to these challenges. TEST focuses on landscape improvements that also support the economic and cultural wellbeing of indigenous communities living in these landscapes.


TEST is expanding its network of collaborative partners. If you’re interested in partnering with TEST to support our work, please contact us.

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Preserving Indigenous Knowledge

TEST is safeguarding and sharing Maasai indigenous knowledge through this documentary on indigenous knowledge and cultural values that enhance sustainable natural resources management.