Our Approach

Integrating Indigenous Wisdom and Voices

We are proud to be an indigenous-led organization that values the rich and diverse knowledge of our ancestors and elders. We believe that indigenous knowledge is essential for the well-being of the natural ecosystems and the people who live in them.

We also believe that indigenous people deserve to have strong voices to influence the decisions that affect their lives and lands. This inspires us to work hard to ensure that our programs and projects enhance the recognition, respect, and integration of indigenous knowledge and representation in formal systems.

Learning from Collaborative Research

We are passionate about learning from both indigenous and scientific perspectives. We know that the local knowledge and cultural practices of our indigenous communities are invaluable for the conservation and restoration of the natural ecosystems.

We also know that the scientific methods and approaches that have been tested and proven internationally can help us achieve ecological sustainability and governance. This motivates us to engage in collaborative research that bridges the gap between indigenous and scientific perspectives.

We bring together indigenous and local groups with global experts and Tanzanian institutions to create partnerships that foster mutual learning and understanding. We empower indigenous scientists to work with academic, policy and governance institutions to improve the management of traditional ecosystems.

Empowering Women

We believe that women are integral to our communities and that they help to protect our ecosystems. We are committed to delivering programs and projects that create opportunities for women to learn, grow, and lead. We ensure that our projects are designed, implemented, and evaluated with a gender-responsive lens that respects and responds to the needs, preferences, and aspirations of women. We celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in all aspects of our work.

Connecting Through Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity and inclusion, and we respect and engage with people and communities from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. We believe that diversity and inclusion enrich our programs and projects and make them more effective and impactful. We ensure that diverse voices are heard and amplified in our work, and we learn from each other’s experiences and insights.

Our Programs

Ecosystem Governance

Community Media

Indigenous Livelihoods

Climate Change